The Issue of the Building at 23 Arami Street is Solved

The Issue of the Building at 23 Arami Street is Solved

After long discussions, the problem of the building-monument at 23 Arami Street is finally resolved. ''Today a triple agreement will be signed between the company AMC, the chorus “Armenian Little Singers” directed by Tigran Hekekyan and the Ministry of Culture of Armenia,''– said the Chief architect of Yerevan Artur Meschyan on January 24. And despite the fact that for a long time the relevant authorities were busy only with blaming each other, the problem was solved in favor of the monument.

The architectural restoration design of the monument will be developed by the Italian architect Lucio Pezzi. The developer will allocate 14 million AMD to Italian architect for the restoration plan of the monument.

Let’s recall, that on the night of January 11 collapse occurred in the building of children’s concert hall ''Armenian Little Singers'' located at 23 Arami street. The cause of the collapse were the construction works in the adjacent area within the frame of the project ''Old Yerevan''.

Armen Abroyan, the Head of the Agency for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture within the Ministry of Culture, repeatedly stressed the fact that the permission given by previous municipal authorities, in general, was not agreed with the Ministry of Culture. '"Subsequently, it was found that the permit was issued in violation of urban planning norms. Designer, developer, Town Planning Committee of Armenia and finally, the Municipality, do nothing. I personally negotiated with the developer and the author of the project ''Old Yerevan''. It turned out that the author even does not have the photogrammetry for the building on 23 Arami street''.

Hopefully, the agreement will satisfy all parties, will help resolve the problem and will not deprive the residents of Yerevan and tourists of the monument, which is the spirit of Armenian architecture and a small part of Armenian history.