The New Road Through the New Bridge Will Adorn the Capital

The New Road Through the New Bridge Will Adorn the Capital

The new 2.7 km Argavand - Shirak highway construction is planned to be completed in 21 months. «The new road is of strategic importance for Yerevan and Armenia. Today we have four bridges in the capital, and the fifth will be built on Hrazdan River as part of the program. The road will greatly ease the traffic in the capital», - said the mayor of Yerevan signing the bilateral memoranda on construction of the highway.

The municipality informed us that within the framework of the investment program on sustainable urban development financed by the Asian Development Bank, the new highway will have 4-6 lanes, the average width of which is 24-28 meters. The project includes 252 meters long and 28 meters wide bridge construction across Hrazdan River, as well as the construction of a single lane at the intersection of Isakov and Babajanyan streets. During construction works all the transport routes will be substituted. It should be noted, that the road Argavand-Shirak is part of the western ring road of Yerevan, connecting also the administrative districts Malatia-Sebastia and Shengavit.

Luis Lopez Moloni, the official representative of Spanish company Levantina Inchenieria Costrucio noted, that their staff has a large experience to implement such projects, and ensured, that the works will be finished in due course.

According to the project, a new bridge over Hrazdan River will be built from metal structures and will be equipped with a water and oil separator, which will prevent the pollution of the river.

The project is being implemented taking into account that the road is located in the historical and cultural district of Karmir Blur, where during the archaeological excavations some ancient tombs were discovered. It is noteworthy, that the archeological monument Karmir Blur was one of the biggest administrative centers of the ancient kingdom of Urartu, the city of Teishebaini.