Small France in Stepanakert

Small France in Stepanakert

This summer, the construction of the The House of Paul Eluard Francophone Center began. The construction is carried out by the “Portal” architectural studio together with the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund and the Artsakh Government. The building occupies 700 square meters. The completion of construction works is scheduled for summer 2020. Next to the Center of Francophone it is planned to build an IT school for 450 students and a chapel.

The Francophone Center consists of three parts: non-commercial, commercial and the garden. The main entrance is from Tumanyan street. The indoor corridor is the link between the sidewalk and the garden, where the entrances to the commercial and non-commercial parts are located. There is also a second entrance on the west side, where car parking is located. Near the main entrance will stand statue to Paul Eluard.

The project is of great interest for everyone. We talked about this with the architect of the Portal studio Sevak Asryan.

- I’ll begin with non-commercial part, which is 488m². Here we have the main hall with an area of 135 m² and a height of 5 m. This is a transformable hall, which is divided into two parts by a removable partition. Here you can organize various events by changing the position of chairs and tables. The hall has access to the garden through opening stained glass doors.

On the same floor we also have: a conference hall, a classroom, a library, a dressing-room, a bathroom and a utility premise. On the second floor there are three guest rooms with balconies overlooking at Charles Aznavour’s park, as well as the director's office, an open terrace and the laundry. The total area of the commercial part is 327 m² which includes 127 m² dining room with a serving kitchen and direct access to the garden and an open dining area, as well as a bakery, a utility premise, dressing room and toilets. In the basement there will be a cellar, entrance to which is planned to be from the garden.

The area of the garden is 850 m². In its central part it is planned to build fountains and a gazebo with a canopy. The garden is located next to the IT school, which has a sports ground, open also for the visitors of the Francophone Center.

The architecture of the project is made in modern style with flat roofs. Local stones, tufa, wood, glass and metal are used for exterior cladding and finishes.