Holiday Inn: A New Hotel in the Center of Yerevan

Holiday Inn: A New Hotel in the Center of Yerevan

The historical monument-building at 2 Amiryan street was built in 1896, designed by architect Michael von der Nonne. At first, there was a male gymnasium here, and then, starting from 1936, there functioned the library named after Avetik Isahakyan. Now the building is being reconstructed. Here the Holiday Inn hotel will open its doors.

The hotel will have 6 floors from Amiryan street: two glazed and two stone floors will be added to the two historical floors.

The upper part of the hotel façade is made of Noyemberyan felsite tufa to fit with the Government House 2, and below, between felsite and historical facades, the glass curtain wall highlights the historical building domination against the general background. «Thus, we aimed to develop the environment by emphasizing the importance and value of these two buildings so that the new ones look secondary on their background»,- explains the architect Isahak Nersisyan.

Yerevan Holiday Inn is planned to be a 4-star mid-range hotel occupying a total area of 23700 square meters. The hotel will have 191 rooms, 11 of which will be suites with separate bedrooms and living rooms, the rest are mainly double standard and executive rooms.

The hotel will have two entrances, one from Amiryan Street and the other from the inner courtyard, where you can pass through the arch of the historic building.

The first floors of the historic building on Amiryan street will be rented out as public spaces. At the top of the building there will be an open-air cafe with Pergola awnings and mobile canopies. The first floor of the second historic building in the inner courtyard will also be given for rent.

The hotel complex will have 6-7 floors and 3 underground levels. On the first floor there will be: the hotel lounge, reception, bar, restaurant and other public areas, which are designed in Holiday Inn hotels’ style by open lobby stile, without partition walls. And the functional separation of the areas will be done with design solutions. The second floor of the hotel will be a sophisticated event area with conference rooms of various formats - 3 large and 4 small. From the third floor the hotel rooms are located, designed in a general style specific to Holiday Inn hotels. Isahak Nersisyan, the architect of the project notes, that they have not set the task of making some Armenian accents, the only difference from other Holiday Inn hotels will be the design of the carpets. «The carpets are knitted by special order with Armenian ornaments and with artificial wear and tear for giving them ancient look». On the 7th floor of the hotel there will be fitness and spa center, gyms and a large swimming pool.

The interior design of the hotel rooms and corridors was carried out by the NST Architects headed by Isahak Nersisyan and the design of the hotel's public areas, conference halls, fitness center was developed by the Russian AD Design. Archangel architectural studio from Armenia also participated in the work designing the interior courtyard and Jivani restaurant.