National Theater: The First Theater Building That Was Built During Armenia’s Independence

National Theater: The First Theater Building That Was Built During Armenia’s Independence

Armenian National Theater is located in the building of Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinema (YSITC). The theater was founded in 1991, received its state status in 2003, and though it has not got its own space, the theater’s style is unique, diverse, innovative and different. But the own stage gives each team greater creative freedom and opportunities.

The foundation ceremony of the National Theater Building took place on 23rd of March this year. The building is still under construction and is likely to be commissioned in autumn 2020. The new theater is now built on 955 m2 area adjacent to YSITC. The developer and the investor of the National Theater building is “GM Developer” Ltd, and the architect is Isahak Nersisyan. According to the new design the National Theater Building will have a 290-seat hall. The total area of the theater building is 1800 m2. According to Isahak Nersisyan, the small space and the limited financial contribution did not allow to design a theater to suit the scale and the requirements of classical theaters but in general they got a building with all the necessary components for a theatrical activity. Like all theaters the National theater on its first floor will have a lobby, a cloakroom, lavatories, canteen, office space, rehearsal room, requisite warehouses, office access. The theater will also have a workshop for making decorations and some space is allocated at the back of the building for making larger props. An elevator is to be installed to move them to the second floor.

By central staircase the audience will get on the second floor: the small lobby, actors’ rooms and the theater hall. The hall will be built in a traditional way, with a stage box 12 m high, stage lounges, professional lighting.

The theater building is adapted for people with mobility problems: it will have an elevator, and for wheelchair spectators there will be special places in the hall.

The entrance to the theater will be angular, glazed. The building is a little complicated, that is why in the design of the facade, no outstanding architectural solutions could be given. That is why a more restrained modern dynamic solution with irregular openings was chosen. The preference in designing the interior will be given to modern solutions. But the main feature of the theater will be the permanent exhibition dedicated to the life and work of the popular artist Sos Sargsyan.