Greening of Yerevan is Promised

Greening of Yerevan is Promised

One of the strategic projects of Yerevan Municipality for 2020 will be the enlargement of green areas in the capital city.

«In 2020 a completely new approach to greening will be applied. Reconstruction of green areas will begin with the development of integrated solutions and environmental projects»,- noted the first deputy mayor Hrachya Sargsyan. It is noteworthy, that the greening program includes also the “apple of discord” in the form of forest belt near the former Paros restaurant. Besides, it is planned to create forest protection zones in the following areas: Saralanji – 10 ha, Silikyan district, Ajapnyak - 7.0 ha, Nubarashen highway - 8.5 ha, the territory adjacent to Aquapark (the right slope) - 12 ha.

A new solution is also planned for 4.5 hectares of green spaces adjacent to the recently built Ashtarak-Davtashen highway. The park named after Komitas will also be reconstructed, as well as the garden squares named after Saryan and Abovyan.

The presence of artificial forests will naturally ease the environmental problems of the capital. And for more effective organization of these issues, the mayor's office decided to create Community NGO named «Greening and Environmental Protection». «Community NGO will centralize the funds provided by the municipality for greening and will clearly manage them … It will have its own seedbed, its technical and transport park. This NGO will apply special landscape and architectural approaches and environmental solutions», - said the first deputy mayor.

It's no secret that people "on their own skin" feel the negative effect of reducing the green spaces. To solve this problem in the capital, trees were planted several times in order to increase green spaces. And here we had to deal with an equally acute problem, the problem of irrigation. And today, when the mayor's office decided to increase the green areas in the capital, we believe that first of all the problem of uninterrupted irrigation should be resolved. We tried to find out in more detail which approach will be used for irrigation. According to municipal data, the city government has several projects to accomplish this goal: use groundwater, deep wells and inactive pumping stations. Speaking about the problem of air pollution in the capital, Hrachya Sargsyan noted that the main cause of the problem is the ongoing construction work and operating mines.

According to municipal data, the solution of environmental problems is not limited to increase of green spaces. Hrachya Sargsyan explained that community NGO will also deal with waste sorting, in particular, the creation and maintenance of waste collection points.