Eco Techno District in Gyumri

Eco Techno District in Gyumri

Eco Techno District in Gyumri Recently, more and more investment programs are becoming popular in Gyumri, the second largest city and cultural center of our republic. According to the Facebook page of the Gyumri municipality, an eco-district will be built in the city, and the investor is Todd Fabacher from New-York, representing the Digital Pomegranate company.

In accordance with the agreement approved at the meeting of the Council of Elders of Gyumri on May 14, the company will be provided with a plot of 21 hectares for the implementation of the program - the former military unit Huri Gund. "The project was presented to the Council of Elders, according to the decision of which the land plot was allocated to the company for the construction of a green city," the press secretary of the Mayor of Gyumri Sona Arakelyan said in a telephone conversation with us.

It is worth noting that there is a lake formed by groundwater on the territory, which will be included in the project, in addition, it is planned to fill the territory with parks and lakes. It is also planned to create sites for IT startups. From a telephone conversation with the director of the Foundation for Sustainable Development and Environmental Enterprises “District” Gayane Ghandilyan, we learned that after the start of work on the project, the sketch submitted to the Council of Elders can be changed and supplemented. ˝We presented to the Council of Elders the concept of the planned area, that is, what we plan to implement. It is clear that after the research work there will be deviations from this sketch˝. It should be noted that the program is planned to be implemented in stages, during the first three years the existing buildings on the territory will be reconstructed.

Of course, investment programs are the most important factors in the development of urban planning, reflecting the unique stages of city life. However, everything should be in the context of the existing urban image. Each settlement has its own foundations, which have been formed over the centuries. The weakening of the foundations leads to the destruction of the city and the loss of identity.

Analyzing the abovementioned, it becomes clear that the implementation of any project, especially in historical cities, requires cultural, historical, urban planning, archaeological, serious, professional, in-depth research, on the basis of which a draft design must be drawn up. Has such research been carried out or not, especially in the field of archeology? ˝Such studies have not yet been carried out. After the lease of the site, when geological work will be carried out, excavations will be planned. We will work with the chief architect of Gyumri city Henrik Gasparyan and architect-designer Ani Yenokyan, who will conduct research to find out what specific details and attributes of Gyumri we will have in the District. But nevertheless, we will not repeat the style of the historic city, that is, it will differ from what a tourist sees in the city center. The new district will have a more modern look, but it will definitely reflect the typical Gyumri details in our branding. Each café or restaurant in that part should fit the branding of the District,- said the Director of the Foundation for Sustainable Development and Environmental Enterprises "District" Gayane Ghandilyan.