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Residential & Commercial Design, Industrial & Heavy Civil Design, Construction Project Management / Construction Engineering, Construction Cost & Scope Estimation, Property Measurements

High-Rise Building Design, Residential Building Design, Commercial Building Design, Dwelling House / Mansion Design, Urban Planning, Industrial Building / Facility Design, Heavy Civil Facilities Design, Sport / Concert Facilities Design, Highway Design, Construction Project Management, Construction Engineering / General Contractor Responsibility, Design Engineering / General Designer Responsibility, Construction Budgeting, Scope of Work Calculation, Property / Site Measurements

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About ArmProject
"Armproject" OJSC ("Armstateproject") was founded in 1955 as a company with wide spectrum of resources in the field of regional planning, development of general layouts of cities and settlements and also dwelling and public buildings.
Our Services
  • Urban planning
  • Regional settling plans.
  • Planning of territorial development.
  • Master plans of cities.
  • Zoning plans of cities.
  • Designs of territories construction.
  • Three-dimensional (3D) design
  • Designs of dwelling buildings.
  • Designs of public buildings.
  • Designs of memorial complexes.
  • Designs of educational institutions.
  • Designs of health protection objects.
  • Designs of religious constructions.
  • Designs of culture and sports constructions.
  • Design of architectural environment
  • Elaboration of interiors and exteriors.
  • Elaboration of small architectural forms.
  • Elaboration of landscape objects (parks, squares, ...etc.).
  • Elaboration of exposition objects (expodesign).
  • Elaboration of visual information systems.
  • Elaboration of optional equipment.
  • Engineering design
  • Static and dynamic calculation and designing of stone and ferro-concrete constructions.
  • Calculation and designing of metal constructions.
  • Calculation and designing of space systems.
  • Engineering equipment of buildings and structures
  • Designs of water supply and sewerage systems.
  • Designs of power supply systems.
  • Designs of ventilation and air conditioning systems.
  • Designs of fire-prevention alarm systems.
  • Designs of heating systems.
  • Designs of gas supply systems.
  • Designs of tele and radiocommunications systems.
  • Designs of communication lines.