Manhattan Ghost in China

#china #newyork #funny #economy

China is well established as the world capital of duplication, with everything from its own rendition of the Eiffel Tower to a mock Venice. But their mock Wall Street financial district, constructed at a cost of US$ 50 billion carries its own rather ...

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Greek Government Plans to Sell Villas Belonging to Tax Evaders

#house #greece #realestate #economy

The Greek IRS is preparing to sell, through an online auction, 1,500 villas in tourist resorts in the country, such as Santorini, Rhodes, Kos, Porto Heli, Paros, Mykonos and other, because their owners do not comply with their tax obligations.

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White Roofs Are Three Times More Effective Than Green Roofs

#roof #economy #architecture

Green roofs offer a lot of environmental benefits - they provide additional insulation, reduce rainwater runoff, and can lower your electricity bill. However a new study suggests that roofs painted white might actually be more effective at fighting c...

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Venezuela To Crush Cars, Bikes To Build Houses

#venezuela #construction #economy

Venezuela said on Tuesday it would start crushing abandoned cars and bicycles to provide raw materials for housing construction and supplement drastically reduced amounts of local steel, reported the Reuters.

"We have sent 10,485 automo...

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Greece Completed US$ 2.5 Billion Real Estate Deals Over The Past 14 Months

#greece #realestate #economy

According to Bloomberg, for last 14 months The Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund completed almost US$ 6.88 billion of deals including US$ 2.5 billion of real estate deals.
Now Greece is preparing a property portfolio valued at as much ...

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