Norway To Build World’s First “Energy Positive” Hotel

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Snøhetta has unveiled its design for "Svart," a hotel for sustainable tourism company Arctic Adventure of Norway. Located within the Arctic Circle, on the edge of Norway's Holandsfjorden fjord at the base of the Svartisen glacier, the building is de...

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Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant Will Be Built In Norway

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Architecture firm Snøhetta has revealed plans to build a restaurant in southern Norway that will be partly submerged in the sea to give diners a glimpse below the waves, reported The Dezeen.

Described by the Oslo- and New York-based firm as...

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Snowflake-Shaped Floating Krystall Hotel To Sparkle Off The Coast Of Norway

#krystall #hotel #floating #norway #funny #architecture

Koen Olthuis and Dutch Docklands have announced a new project: a five-star floating hotel off the coast of Norway named the Krystall. Reminiscent of their Maldives development the Greenstar, this cold-climate sister project will take the form of a si...

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Norway To Build World's First Tunnel For Large Ships

#tunnel #norway #transportation #construction

The Norwegian Government has revealed plans for the construction of the world's first ship tunnel through a mountain to help ships navigate a dangerous section of the country's south-western coast.

The government has agreed to provide U...

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Data Center Is Buried Underground And Cooled By Norway's Fjords

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Buried deep underneath the mountains near Stavanger, Norway, the Green Mountain Data Center is quite possibly the greenest data center in the world. Powered by renewable energy from nearby sources and cooled with water from the adjacent fjord, the ca...

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