1 Euro A Square Meter - Land In France

#village #france #normandy #realestate

The mayor of a small village in Normandy is offering plots of land for just 1 euro a square meter - but only to those who promise to build a house and live there full time.

In total the village has put 4 civil owned plots of between 900...

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Ghost Town For Rent In Turkey

#village #turkey #Kayakoy #realestate

One of the world's spookiest "ghost towns" - abandoned nearly 100 years ago in the fallout of the First World War -could be reborn as a major tourist hub. To capitalize on its growing popularity among intrepid holidaymakers, Turkey's government is au...

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England's First Floating Village Coming Soon To East London

#floating #village #uk #london #architecture

Faced with rising sea levels, would you consider a move onto the water? Soon, a community of Londoners will have exactly that option. DRMM Architects has won the Royal Docks competition to design England's first floating village. London Mayor Boris J...

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Japanese Architects Designed Sky Villages

#skyvillages #japan #architecture #construction

Elevated land-based islands are what one architect is proposing for the Tohoku region of north-east Japan, the area that was devastated by last March's magnitude 9 earthquake and the mega-tsunamis it triggered. As reported The NewScientist, Keiichiro...

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Construction Of IT-Village In Tatarstan To Begin In 2012

#itvillage #tatarstan #russia #technology #construction

According to vice-premier of the Republic of Tatarstan, Minister of Information and Communications Nikolay Nikiforov, construction of IT-Village, where assumed to live and work 20 thousand experts of IT tecnologies, will begin in spring of 2012, repo...

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