New Social Housing Program Will Start in Armenia

New Social Housing Program Will Start in Armenia

This week in Armenian city Dilijan will start the construction of new social housing project, told the director of the National Association of Social Housing Ara Nazinyan. In September last year Dilijan City Hall and the NASH signed a contract about the program.

The new project with total area of 1.1 hectares will be built in the west of Dilijan with completion in several phases in 2013-14. The new social block will include nine 2-story new developments and reconstructed one 4-story building. The project loan provided by the Dutch DIGH company.

Note, that in 2011 during his visit to Netherlands, Chairman of the Trustee Council of the National Social Housing Association, Secretary of the RA National Security Council Arthur Baghdasaryan and Chairman of Dutch International Guarantees For Housing Eric Berzhen signed an agreement which will provide new opportunities for social housing development in Armenia. According to this contract, 3 million Euros will be provided to Armenia to solve low and middle income family housing problems, at the first phase of cooperation.

The National Association of Social Housing intended to build social housing also in Ashtarak and Hrazdan.

First social houses in Armenia were built by the government in Yerevan, Goris and Maralik. For example in Maralik the government built 3 buildings and now in 59 apartments live orphanage graduates, invalids and single old peoples.

2008 economic crisis especially hit the real estate market. The construction of new buildings becomes less profitable even in well developed countries due to low demand. After this many countries began to build social houses. Today, for example, half of residents in Hong-Kong, 25 percent in USA live in social houses.