Massive Reconstruction Works in Yerevan

Massive Reconstruction Works in Yerevan

Recently the Department of Information and Public Relations of Yerevan Municipality informed us about the planned repair and construction works in the capital city this year. According to the information provided, the program of major repairs includes repair of numerous educational, cultural and recreational institutions and roads. “Within the framework of Asian Development Bank we have projects for 30 kindergartens”,- said Grigor Harutyunyan, head of the Department of Construction and Improvement of Yerevan Municipality.

Three important cultural centers will be renovated during this year. The Theater of the Young Spectator, the City Youth Creativity Center, Children and Youth Creative Civil Center and the Exhibition hall of the People's Artist of Armenia Eduard Isabekyan soon will function in completely new environment. Improvement of the exhibition hall is one of the main tasks, if we take into account the fact that there are about 30 paintings, and the hall does not have the necessary conditions for humidity, lighting and temperature. “The problem is acute, since the paintings are already damaged. Paint layers are swollen and cracked. The exhibition hall will begin to work, will be reborn, there will be many expositions”, said the Director of the Exhibition hall Irina Isabekyan.

10.000 m² of road will be repaired this year in Yerevan - twice as much as last year. Considerable work will also be done on the construction and improvement of parks, new sidewalks, the replacement of walls, curbs and the irrigation network.

Four pedestrian underpasses will also be repaired in 2020. “This year we have approved a budget of 300 million drams and have already ordered projects for the following pedestrian underpasses: Grigor Lusavorich Street, Mashtots Avenue, Azatutyun Avenue (“Lambada” bridge) and Tamantsineri Street”, noted Grigor Harutyunyan. Let’s recall, that in 2019 we already talked about pedestrian underpasses in the article “Underpasses in Yerevan Take a New Breath”. The municipality of Yerevan began the repair works in underpasses in December: “300.0 million drams were allocated for the project, however, the construction work is ongoing in three underground passes for which contract agreements for 44.0 million drams have been signed. ”

The primary medical care centers are also in the spotlight. Along with the program of equipping clinics with medical equipment, overhauls will be carried out in medical centers. This year there are 5 policlinics in the program. Clinic #12 with an area of 8,000 square meters will be repaired in stages. This year the problem of bathrooms and power supply of the whole building will be solved, cabinet doors will be replaced.