Smart Village to be Built in Armenia

Smart Village to be Built in Armenia

Children of Armenia Charitable Foundation (COAF), founded by businessman and scientist Karo Armen, strives to help Armenia in these difficult days for our country, implementing new projects.

Debet village will soon become the first smart village in Armenia. According to COAF infrastructure program coordinator Arthur Ter-Simonyan, a new playground will soon be built in Debet, which will be one of the best COAF playgrounds.

Within the framework of the project, the first smart bus-stop with a unique design will be built. The bus stop design is completed and now in its approval phase.

This program can bring a new breath into the cultural and everyday life of Debet population, because it is aimed at creating a more comfortable, modern environment for the villagers in order to reduce the emigration flow. The project also envisages road repair, improvement of street lighting and the state of public transport, well-built tiled roofs, high-quality infrastructure, a developing economy, modern means of communication and, of course, active and involved residents. Of course, with such an integrated approach, it is possible to solve practically all the problems of the village.

We also learned from the COAF website that modular houses will be built in the village for displaced families from Artsakh as part of the SMART Debet program.