30 Years After the Earthquake

#armenia #gyumri #spitak #earthquake

After the earthquake in 1988 in the disaster zone some disorderly housing was formed. Over these 30 years, thousands of families left without shelter have received housing thanks to public and private investments. And yet the number of wagons for tem...

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Earthquake Levels Nepal's Beautiful Historic Buildings

#earthquake #nepal #kathmandu #architecture

As the death toll in Nepal continues to rise, impacting roughly eight million people according to the UN, one can't help but wonder how the country will ever achieve its former splendor after this devastating earthquake. Arch Daily pulled together a ...

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Giant Pendulums Could Save Skyscrapers From Earthquakes

#earthquake #japan #technology #construction

The historic magnitude 9.0 earthquake that struck eastern Japan back in March of 2011, setting off a cascading chain of events that ultimately resulted in an ongoing nuclear catastrophe, was unfortunately not "the big one" that has been predicted to ...

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Engineers launch artificial earthquakes at 'hospital'

#earthquakes #hospital #usa #california #construction

Engineers in California have unleashed high-intensity artificial earthquakes on a five-storey building packed with medical equipment.

The mock hospital has been built on a giant "shake table" which can subject the building to movements s...

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New EQ-Top Seismic Wallpaper Can Save Lives In An Earthquake

#wallpaper #earthquakes #technology #construction

Scientists at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Bayer have developed a seismic wallpaper that can hold up building walls during earthquakes, reported The Inhabitat. The system, called EQ-Top, is a glass fiber fabric that can help keep mason w...

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