The Tumo Center for Creative Technologies Expanding in Gyumri

The Tumo Center for Creative Technologies Expanding in Gyumri

Soon the new building of the Tumo Center for Creative Technologies will open its doors in Gyumri. The center will be located in a 150-year-old theater building, which is one of the oldest theaters of Eastern Armenia. During its two-year activity in Gyumri, Tumo already has more than 2,000 students. The implementation of this project will increase the number of students almost twice.

The author of the reconstruction is the famous Lebanese architect Bernard Khoury.

The building will be three-story with a total area of 2500 sq. meters. As well as the main Tumo Center the new one will include the same four main areas of study: animation, video game development, digital media and web development. The center also will have a laboratory for 3D printing.

The project provides two entrances. The main entrance from the eastern facade, located at the lower level of the park, is designed for students. All those areas that are not related to students, such as administration, public areas, the main lobby, is available from the upper street along the western facade.

The main goal of the project is to turn the old theater into interactive training platforms with the main collective working area designed as a continuous audience, which during the weekends and vacations will be transformed into alternative theater with 200 seats. The main educational areas located on the ground floor. In addition to training areas, the center will also have a recording Studio, a public cinema where screenings will be organized both for Tumo students and the public, an outdoor terrace for events, as well as transforming platform that will also serve as a stage for the theater.

The planned terrace, in turn, creates a link between the building and the park, integrating the exterior into the building volume. The project saves only the eastern and western facades of the building, recovering the existing white plaster. The new approved facades and additions to be performed in bright red color, which will create a contrast with old architectural monument. In addition to the reconstruction of the theater, the project also includes the improvement of the neighboring park.