New Strategy

New Strategy

Architecture and construction usually show the historical and cultural past and present of the country, moreover, they are the best indicators of socioeconomic situation of any country. Tourism today considered as one of priority directions of Armenian economy future development, and renovation of air transport infrastructures became highly important. Consequently, the airport Shirak in Gyumri and the airport Syunik in Kapan have turned into construction sites.

Construction of Shirak airport apron in Gyumri is carried out by the International Airports of Armenia CJSC. The area of the apron is 22,000 square meters. For its reconstruction the company is going to invest about 1,5 billion drams ($ 3.15 million), and as a result 17,000 square meters will be completely repaired by 2020.

Shirak airport was built in 1961, and since 1986 it has not been reconstructed. In fact, at this moment Shirak airport is the second largest operating airport in Armenia.

In parallel with the reconstruction of the airport Shirak, since last year construction work is underway to restart the Syunik airport operation in Kapan. Considering the difficulty of the road to Kapan, and the fact that today the road trip from Yerevan to Kapan lasts more than 4 hours, we can presume, that it is extremely inconvenient for tourists, as well as in the field of some cargo transportation. Meanwhile, after the reconstruction of the airport, passing the same distance will last only 30 minutes, which will open new horizons for the development of the region. Reconstruction of the airport is carried out by the Development and Investment Fund of Syunik region and Zangezur Copper and Molybdenum Combine. According to the media, the amount of investment to be about $ 2 million. The construction was scheduled to be completed in June-July this year, but construction work is still ongoing. Some media reported that the opening of the airport is postponed for 18 months.

It is noteworthy that today communication with the regions is mainly carried out with the help of buses, so the air transport operation will become a powerful stimulus for the development of tourism and economy of far regions.