COAF SMART Centre Will Open Its Doors in May 2018

#armenia #lori #education #architecture

The three-wing building of COAF SMART Center was built in the picturesque nature between Debet and Dsegh villages of Lori Province, with funding from the Children of Armenia Foundation (COAF). This impressive structure with its transparent architectu...

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World's Largest Picture Frame Opens In Dubai

#dubai #UAE #innovative #fernandodonis

The city of Dubai is home to some of the most innovative architecture in the world, but its latest skyscraper is certainly one of the most “picturesque” we’ve ever seen. The Dubai Frame, otherwise known as the “World’s Largest Picture Frame...

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The First Geothermal Power Plant Will Be Built in Armenia

#powerplant #green #renewable #geothermal #armenia

Finally, there will be a new, alternative, renewable geothermal, basic and relatively cheaper electricity source in Armenia.

It is planned to build a geothermal power plant in Karkar, Syunik province, where the heat from the earth's own molt...

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Google Plans New Green-Roofed Tech Campus In California

#google #office #usa #california

Google has unveiled plans for a new campus in the Moffett Park area of Sunnyvale, California that will be located just a few kilometers from its long-awaited “Googleplex” headquarters in Mountain View. And just like the company’s Mountain View ...

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Elite 33rd District- Instead Of Ferdowsi Market

#yerevan #33district #newdevelopment #armenia

The construction of the new district will soon start on the area near to Republic Square. The District 33 will be built on the plot of land between Tigran Mets Avenue, Hanrapetutyan, Buzand and Khanjyan Streets, with residential, public and service f...

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